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VxBlock System Overview

More Choice For Your Converged Infrastructure Solutions

VCE offers the industry’s broadest converged infrastructure solution portfolio. VCE VxBlock Systems are the newest members of the VCE portfolio, offering increased choices to customers when it comes to their data center infrastructure. The first area of flexibility is the choice of network virtualization solutions of VmWare NSX or Cisco ACI.

The new VxBlock System 740, VxBlock System 540 and VxBlock System 340 are engineered to the same exacting specifications as VCE Vblock® Systems for highest levels of performance, capacity, security, high-availability, and operational efficiency. VxBlock Systems can also be combined with VCE™ Technology Extensions and VCE Vscale™ Blocks to offer greater value for additional use cases, such as data lakes, big data, and other emerging applications.

Flexibility of Software Defined Networking Solutions

VCE VxBlock Systems provide more flexibility to our customers by providing the option to choose either Cisco ACI or VMware NSX as network virtualization technologies that are preintegrated, supported, and sustained by VCE.

With network virtualization,customers can rapidly create and provision Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities, enhancing business agility while significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Logical configuration and installation of network virtualization on VxBlock Systems in the VCE factory further ensures a streamlined integration of network virtualization with your VCE Vscale Fabric and your data center.

Industry-Best Customer Experience with VCE Lifecycle Assurance

Every VxBlock System is a true converged infrastructure—each is engineered, manufactured, managed, supported, and sustained as ONE product. Every VxBlock System component receives engineering lifecycle support and single-call support our customers count on, minimizing your business risk, and accelerating business innovation. More choices, greater value, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction you can depend on.

Simplified Converged Management and Operations

VCE Vision Intelligent Operations introduced the concept of converged operations, delivering operational simplicity through a consistent, accurate, and common system view of converged infrastructure. VCE further extends VCE Vision software capabilities for the VCE Vscale Architecture and VxBlock Systems for efficient multisystem management and converged operations at data center scale and beyond. Unified visibility helps customers further simplify operations, enhance agility, and mitigate risks for an even better experience.

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